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Making cocktails is an art. According to Adam Richard Seger, CCP, it was originally created in the 1700s to make harsh spirits palatable. Contrary to popular belief, these creative beverages did not originate in America but in Britain. …

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Many people are knowledgeable when it comes to food and wine pairings. However, not a lot have tried pairing their favorite bottle with fruits. Culinary expert Adam Richard Seger shares some tips for those who want to explore matching wine and fruits.

Pair fragrant fruits with less acidic white wines

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Millions of people all over the world prefer whiskey over any other alcoholic beverage. In today’s article, Adam Richard Seger explores the wonderful world of whiskey.

Whiskey has been around for centuries and was brought to Europe from Ireland by Christian missionaries. The quality of the beverage relied on the…

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A key figure in the farm-to-bar movement, Adam Richard Seger has an approach to cocktail culture that’s all his own. He leads the operations for many LUSH Food & Drink locations in the Chicago area and manages the development of products for New York-based Adya Global.

For the past months…

Adam Richard Seger

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