Make mealtimes more festive with these seafood and wine pairings

Adam Richard Seger
2 min readJun 16, 2021

Adam Richard Seger is a Certified Culinary Professional and an Advanced Sommelier. As someone who is passionate about food and wine, he continues to share his knowledge to those who are in the hospitality, flavor, and teaching industries. For him, food and drink pairings are crucial to making meals special. Here are some suggestions for seafood and wine pairings.

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Salmon or tuna with Riesling

The zesty and fruity wine works well with the flavor of salmon and tuna. Its high acidity matches the subtle taste of these seafood however it is cooked. Riesling is also known for being aromatic which works well with the oiliness especially of tuna. Whether cooked or raw, many will enjoy this pairing.

Oysters and champagne

For Adam Richard Seger, what’s most important is a person’s enjoyment of food and drink. For many people, the oysters and champagne make for a great combo because of the explosion of savory flavors. The acidity in champagne works with the rich flavor of oysters. When one pairs food and wine, they create a sauce in their mouth. This combo produces fresh, rich, and tangy flavors that make for a perfect meal.

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Shrimp and Sauvignon Blanc

Pairing shrimp with this white wine is a well-known combination. Whether the shrimp is grilled, marinated, sauteed, or paired with salads and pasta, it will match the full flavor of Sauvignon Blanc. Its earthy and citrusy hints work well with different spices and herbs that are used when preparing dishes with shrimp.

Seafood dishes paired with the right kind of wine will instantly upgrade any meal. Exploring these pairings and sharing them with others will make the dining experience even more satisfying.

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