Make amazing cocktails with these expert tips

Adam Richard Seger
2 min readMar 5, 2021

Creating cocktails requires skill and artistry. The goal is to make a drink that is memorable and enjoyable. Through this blog, Adam Richard Seger celebrates the drinks people are familiar with, such as the cocktail. The farm-to-bar trailblazer will share tips and start a conversation on how one can improve their cocktail game. Here are some expert tips that bartenders and drink enthusiasts can try when they make their own mix.

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1. Imagine the flavor combinations

By definition, a cocktail has liquors, a sweetener, bitters, and ice. Adam Richard Seger encourages fellow cocktail enthusiasts to use only the best ingredients. The goal is to create a drink that is fresh, tasty, and worth trying again. While there are classic formulas that people are already familiar with, adding an ingredient or two will make these well-loved drinks even more special. For those who want to make their own cocktails, the possibilities are endless.

2. What to do before adding ice

The expert mixologist shares that one should mix the cocktail base in a pint glass without ice. Those making the drinks should also use a glass shaker to see what goes into the drink. Before mixing, strain the water from the ice in the shaker. He also suggests to “shake it — don’t fake it” and wait for the ingredients to emulsify. The drink must also be shaken until the metal is frosted.

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3. Must-haves

Ice is an important addition to a cocktail. For the mixologist, it is sacred. Only fresh ice must be used. When it comes to adding garnishes, one should handle them with tongs. Freshly-squeezed sour mix is a must. For best essential oils, the citrus twists should be done per minute with a peeler or zester. Before serving the drink, the bartender should do a straw taste first.

Passionate about food and wine, Adam Richard Seger has spent a lifetime in hospitality, flavor, and teaching. He is alumnus of Cornell Hotel School, Michelin-Starred restaurants Chez Julien in Strasbourg, TRU in Chicago and The French Laundry in Napa Valley. Visit this blog for more on cocktail culture.