A brief guide on cocktail making lingo

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A key figure in the farm-to-bar movement, Adam Richard Seger has an approach to cocktail culture that’s all his own. He leads the operations for many LUSH Food & Drink locations in the Chicago area and manages the development of products for New York-based Adya Global.

For the past months, Adam Richard Seger has written and compiled a series of blogs where he imparts information on all things surrounding alcoholic beverages and cocktails. For this blog, he shares some lingo that cocktail makers need to learn that they’ll often encounter.

Mixers are ingredients — often nonalcoholic — added to a mixed drink. Examples of mixers are fruit juices, syrups, sodas and bitters.

Image source: barschool.net

Dash and splash are the most minute measurements in a bar. They are almost always used interchangeably. A good example of this is “put in a splash of lemon water.”

According to Adam Richard Seger, the measurement of a dash or splash isn’t all that important. He does point out, though, that dashes are normally smaller than splashes. However, depending on the ingredient, a splash may be larger or smaller. For instance, a “splash of soda” is more than a “splash of lime juice.”

Garnish is often a fruit like lemon, an orange slice, or cherry. A garnish is used to make drinks more enticing. Adam Richard Seger also notes that some garnishes also bring hints of flavor.

Adam Richard Seger is a pioneer of the farm-to-bar movement. He is known for his unique approach to cocktail culture. Visit this blog for more posts on enjoyable food and drinks.




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Adam Richard Seger

Adam Richard Seger

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