Beer is one of the oldest beverages. It is made from fermented grain that has been cooked to produce fermentable sugars that the yeast will consume. Adam Richard Seger, CCP, shares that in the 19th century, beer was only consumed locally. Through the years, beer production has greatly improved and people from all over the world can enjoy various types of the drink. Here are some important beer terms every drink lover should be familiar with.

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Alcohol by volume or ABV describes the amount of ethyl alcohol in 100ml of a beverage when measured at 20°C. This detail is important…

Adam Richard Seger is a professional in the hospitality, flavor, and teaching industries. He pioneered the farm-to-bar movement, fusing his expertise in wine and culinary arts. The expert shares three fresh ingredients that will surely make homemade cocktails even better.

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This is a good ingredient to have with rum and vodka. It can easily upgrade a drink with its warm, strong, sweet, earthy, and zesty flavors. One can use grated ginger or ginger syrup to add to their drinks. Those who want to try other sweeteners, using ginger syrup will give a different taste to vodka-based or gin-based cocktails.

Creating cocktails requires skill and artistry. The goal is to make a drink that is memorable and enjoyable. Through this blog, Adam Richard Seger celebrates the drinks people are familiar with, such as the cocktail. The farm-to-bar trailblazer will share tips and start a conversation on how one can improve their cocktail game. Here are some expert tips that bartenders and drink enthusiasts can try when they make their own mix.

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1. Imagine the flavor combinations

By definition, a cocktail has liquors, a sweetener, bitters, and ice. Adam Richard Seger encourages fellow cocktail enthusiasts to use only the best ingredients…

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Making cocktails is an art. According to Adam Richard Seger, CCP, it was originally created in the 1700s to make harsh spirits palatable. Contrary to popular belief, these creative beverages did not originate in America but in Britain. However, it was in 1806 when the term “cocktail” was described as “stimulating liquor composed of any kind of sugar, water, and bitters.”

Jerry Thomas, known as the Father of Mixology, released the book “How to Mix Drinks or The Bon-Vivant’s Companion” in 1862. His book became a guide for many bartenders in different parts of the world. As Thomas worked and…

Adam Richard Seger

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